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It was an exciting final game of the Vinny Marabito One-Pitch Tournament.  Both 1st place finishers in their respective divisions battled it out to a tie at the end of the regulation 7 innings. After the dust settled and the 8th inning was completed, the Clippers reigned victorious over the Nets. The One-Pitch Committee would like to thank all the individuals and groups that made the tournament a huge success. This would include: ground crews, Tiki Hut volunteers, umpires, scorekeepers, managers, coaches, and especially the participants. If you would like

to see the names of the players on the teams mentioned above, click on the "One Pitch" link.

One Pitch Tournament Committee

Mike Fletcher

Dick Tinsley

Rich Ickes

The elections for the men's league board have been decided.  There is still opportunity for those interested in the positions for umpire in chief, registrar and chairman of men's rules committee.

These are positions that are appointed to the board and the appointments will be made soon.  If you have an interest in serving your league in one of these positions, please send a letter or email your interest to Art Smith at, John Badger at or Mark Markovich at
Men's softball registration will be held on Monday March 8 and Wednesday March 10 between 9:30 and 2 PM under the tent on Field 1.  The cost will be $40.  The men's board has developed a survey they would like registered players to complete during registration regarding the playing schedule and non-runner status.

A registration day will also be held in November to accommodate the players who are not here this season.  The cost in November will also be $40.

To view the 2021 league schedule of events click here (updated 2-20-21)

Click here to see election resuls for the League, Men's and Women's boards.

Grounds crew schedules for the rest of the season can now be reviewed on-line.  Click on the "Schedules" tab above to see when each crew will be preparing the diamonds.

From an email to Jerry Hopkins, Executive Chairperson:


Sorry to bother you and not to be an alarmist, but while playing and watching games I see many people in and around the bleachers including players not observing the mask wearing or social distancing guidelines. If this continues I can easily foresee the games being shut down or much worse, people becoming ill. I had COVID-19 in March and know firsthand it is NO JOKE.

Please remind all coaches and players and fans to rigorously observe the rules regarding mask wearing and social distancing. 

Thank you and best regards,

George Friberg

The softball league has suspended the recycling of aluminum can for this season although the league still encourages residents to recycle.  Click here for more details...

Click here to read or print the annual report, which covers the topics usually discussed in the general meeting.

As a reminder, the CP Softball Executive Board recommends that all players/spectators who arrive in the park self quarantine at least seven(7) days before attending or participating in any activity at the softball complex.

Click here to read the latest Covid 19 player guidelines 11-23-20

To view the 2021 Softball Pandemic Guidelines click here.


Click here to view or print the Men's master rerate list following the 2020 season (Revised 3-20-20).

 To view a list of our recently deceased league members click the 'Memory Walk' link above. Also, help us stay informed about our deceased league members and their spouses. Click on the 'Memory Walk' link above for more information.

Click here to view the latest 2020 pictures of Citrus Park softball events.

 The CP office has asked the league to have a spokesperson to represent the league. If you have questions or concerns for the office regarding the league please contact Joann Thomas. Email:

Upcoming Events

Women's Registration March 1 & 3

Men's Registration March 8 & 10

Men's Regular Season Ends March 10

Women's Regular Season Ends March 19

Men's Playoffs March 16 - 31

Women's One Pitch March 22 & 24