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 Congratulations to the 2017 Good Neighbor Games committee. The week was a huge success. We are already looking forward to the 2018 games in Ohio.

The Men's Master Rerate list in now available. Click on the 'Stats' link above.

Click here. to view the latest pictures of Citrus Park softball. Then click on Citrus Park Ball.

 Congratulations to our 2017 champions:


   Liberty Youth Ranch. The Ladies league and playoff champs. 

   Team White - Arlene Johnson. The Ladies One-Pitch champions.

   Culligan Water. The Men's league champions.

   Hogue Electric. The Men's playoff champions.

   Boston Red Sox. The Men's One-Pitch champions.

   For the ladies & men's final batting averages click on the 'Stats' link above.

 Click here for the Men's and Ladies final team standings.


  To view or print the Team Rosters or Team Managers for the 2017 season click the 'Rosters' link above.

   Click here to view or print the 2017 'Committee Chairpersons'.


 To view a list of our deceased league members this past year (2016) click the 'Memory Walk' link above. Also, help us stay informed about our deceased league members and their spouses. Click on the 'Memory Walk' link above for more information.

Click here for Aluminum recycling information!!

Upcoming Events

November 2017. The 2018 Pre-season begins.